What U looking for


Em             A             Em                    A

Open up the door, running out in the rain

Don’t know were U going, never be the same   –  D

Em             A              Em                    A

should U go Left or rigth, going straith ahead

Running in the nigth, Think U lost U’re head      –  D



A                                        Em

What U looking for…   Is in Another Place

G                                         A

U can search around      Not find it here


A                                        Em

The one U looking for…      Is not around

G                                       A

they left the Town          without a sound


Em – A – Em – A – D

Verse 2

Em             A                               Em                    A

lost the balance falling down, hit the head turn around

night is comming all is dark, Think U lost U’re head      –  D

Ref. x 2

Em – A – Em – A – D